The year has gone off to an excellent start with over 60 Trout landed amnd released to 3 rods fishing. All Trout caught on the fly with Janet from Canada catching 29 in 1 day.

The weather has been somewhat temperamental causing fish to drop and rise according to the weather conditions. Now that the water temperature is slowly climbing the fish are starting to feed on the surface,

Stone fly and Caddis have been seen with a few Trout feeding on them when the oppertunity arises.  Largest Trout so far this season has been about the 12 pound mark and the average about the 5 pound mark.

With over 180 Guided rods booked this year so far and its not even the start, we are expecting to have a rather busy fishing schedule ahead for 2019, so if you are looking to book a guided trip with us I would 

recommend that you book now as our Guided Fishing Trips are filling up rather fast.