I have often read about Sexism in the fly fishing world but had yet to experience this first hand.

In May I was unfortunate enough to experience this unpleasant side of the Fly fishing world with our Guide Jenny. 


Sexism I am sure comes in many forms and in many job types but I would say that it is an outdated misunderstanding by a very small minority of male fly fishers.

Our Guide Jen (A Female) has experienced this first hand by a few Male fly fishers.

Words such as " I have fly fished longer than you have been alive dear" in a tone that felt belittling and undermining to the female Guide.

"These flies are to small, they will not catch a fish"  "Your a young girl you should'nt be fishing" "Do you have any Male guides?" "I do not want to fish with a female Guide"

All these comments are from (self proclaimed experienced) Male fly fishers towards our Female Guide Jen. 

My own and personal thoughts are that there is no room for sexism in fishing. All sex's are welcome and the more Lady fishers there are better it would be. 

Fly fishing was never designed to be a male dominated sport yet some males still today think that there is no place on the water for the lady fly fisher especially a female Guide.

Some of the best fly fishers throughout the world are female and have devoted their lifes to the sport through Guiding on various rivers throughout the world.

I think the fly fishing world has to wake up and take this seriously promoting it to all sex's and generations. 

Being a Guide is no easy task at the best of times. Being a Female Guide in a male dominated sport has it challenges and I hope that one day sexism will cease to exist.