Guided Safari fishing in Scotland


Our Guided Fly fishing Safari trips is truely an awe inspring adventure.

Its not just fishing, its the locations, the remoteness, the scenery en route to each location and the great food and drinks.

Our safrai fishing trips are all tailored to each individual or group. Species and locations are adaptable and easily chanced to suit each Safari Trip.

Our Trips vary from 1 over night to week long trips staying in either canvas tents or hotels depending on the weather and location. The possibility of

Midgies in certain areas will also dictate our accommodation type!

The possibilty of catching your personal best fish and record numbers are also very high as some of the remote locations we fish frequent more Deer than Humans.

Sitting by the camp fire in an isolated location with only the light of the Moon, the sound of Trout sipping of the surface and a Malt whisky is simply amazing.

We would tend to fly fish Streams, Peat lochs and Limestone Lochs with 3, 4 and 5 weight rods with 7's incase of high winds. For the small yet hard fighting little Brownies we can play with 

Tenkara rod as it is great fun and a new method to many but very effective and in many cases will out fish the fly rod.

If we get a chance we will go dapping as this method of Fly fishing can be great fun and give many a surprise, especially if its your first time and even if its not.