With the ending of a great 2018 we are looking forward to an exciting 2019 fishing season.

The prospects are looking good with good numbers of fish spawning and great catch returns from Pike, the forecast is looking rather good.

We are really looking forward to fly fishing for Brown Trout on the dries again as it proved to be a large success especially on the evening Rise. Looking at our reports from 2018

we experienced an average of 7 pounds in weight per fish with the heavist fish weighing in at 28.3 and the smallest at about 3 ounces.

Fly fishing in Scotland can certainly have it's challneges with 4 seasons in 1 day but the rewards certainly outway all challeneges put in our way.

The one thing we did notice last season was that when it was windy and the water was hard to read, we always caught the larger fish. This would most definitely prove that 

these large shy fish will come out and feed when the water is stirred up with the wind and turbulent water hidding any mistakes by the fisher.

So in general do not be put off by high winds and bad weather as these can often produce great fishing conditions.



Jen is now back from her two month trip to Texas and is already catching Pike on the Fly.

Jen went to Texas in October and stayed with our amazing friends Richard and Leslie at their amazing "Pull Two Ranch"

She has embraced the Texan way of life and was shown all over Texas and parts of California too.

She was able to fish for Bass, Reds and Drum when over there and she had to say that one of the highlights was with Andy at "Chasin Tails Guide Service" in San Antonio Texas.

Andy certainly did not disappoint and had Jen and Leslie catching Reds within minutes and the odd Drum.

Texas has certainly made an impact on Jen as she will be going back in Feb to see our great Friends at the Pull Two Ranch again.

Jen is getting as much experience as possible in both Salt and Fresh water species and i think America has not seen the last of her just yet.

I can see a trips to Belize, Alaska and Canada coming soon as her appetite for Fish is now growing.

Jen will be available for Guiding this year and is looking forward to meeting all our new and returning Guests in 2019.



Guided Safari fishing in Scotland


Our Guided Fly fishing Safari trips is truely an awe inspring adventure.

Its not just fishing, its the locations, the remoteness, the scenery en route to each location and the great food and drinks.

Our safrai fishing trips are all tailored to each individual or group. Species and locations are adaptable and easily chanced to suit each Safari Trip.

Our Trips vary from 1 over night to week long trips staying in either canvas tents or hotels depending on the weather and location. The possibility of

Midgies in certain areas will also dictate our accommodation type!

The possibilty of catching your personal best fish and record numbers are also very high as some of the remote locations we fish frequent more Deer than Humans.

Sitting by the camp fire in an isolated location with only the light of the Moon, the sound of Trout sipping of the surface and a Malt whisky is simply amazing.

We would tend to fly fish Streams, Peat lochs and Limestone Lochs with 3, 4 and 5 weight rods with 7's incase of high winds. For the small yet hard fighting little Brownies we can play with 

Tenkara rod as it is great fun and a new method to many but very effective and in many cases will out fish the fly rod.

If we get a chance we will go dapping as this method of Fly fishing can be great fun and give many a surprise, especially if its your first time and even if its not.

Pike on the Fly in Scotland


At this time of year, while fly fishing for Pike do expect great numbers as you may be fly fishing for that one Pike all day!

With cold air and water temperatures it could be an uncomfortable day if not kitted out properly but with dogged determination 

and the right line you will pick up one or two.

At the moment we are fly fishing with Di 7 Lines on a 9 and 10 weight rod throwing some heavy hand tied Pike fly's by Stuart Smith

The long slow pulls of the line will definitely provide the odd exciting follow and eventually the take of that large female Pike.  You will soon forget the numb feet and numb fingers when she is on

and the rewards of your determination will be there to realease back to the water again. 

When out on the float tube we are all wishing it was the summer months again where we can fly fish top water poppers again! 

Pike is truly one of the U.K.'s finest fresh water predators on the fly.




Fly fishing for Trout in Scotland.

2018 has been an amazing year for Trout in Scotland with record catchs and personal bests being smashed.

Just about every guest that has fished with us this year caught a fish with the exception of Atlantic salmon!

Our catch rate is always high but this year with 425 Guests from all over the world we have exceeded all previous years

With 3,756 trout being caught on the fly, 346 caught on Spinner and 234 caught on Tenkara and over 350 lost or snapped off! It has been simply amazing.

Our Guests have travelled from all over the Globe looking to fly fish in Scotland for both the scenery and fulfil their bucket list. Scotland certainly did not disappoint. 

All of our Guests have been amazing and we at You Fish Scotland (Wes, Roz & Jen) have all made life long friends from all over the world. 

Some amazing families with stories to tell and experiences to share that will stay with us all for ever. 



Next season is already looking fantastic with some months just about fully booked with returning Guests and new Bookings. I sersiously doubt next season will be any different from 2018 apart from the trout as they will be larger and more aggressive. So if your looking for some amazing fly fishing action book now and do not be disappointed.