Fly fishing for Trout in Scotland.

2018 has been an amazing year for Trout in Scotland with record catchs and personal bests being smashed.

Just about every guest that has fished with us this year caught a fish with the exception of Atlantic salmon!

Our catch rate is always high but this year with 425 Guests from all over the world we have exceeded all previous years

With 3,756 trout being caught on the fly, 346 caught on Spinner and 234 caught on Tenkara and over 350 lost or snapped off! It has been simply amazing.

Our Guests have travelled from all over the Globe looking to fly fish in Scotland for both the scenery and fulfil their bucket list. Scotland certainly did not disappoint. 

All of our Guests have been amazing and we at You Fish Scotland (Wes, Roz & Jen) have all made life long friends from all over the world. 

Some amazing families with stories to tell and experiences to share that will stay with us all for ever. 



Next season is already looking fantastic with some months just about fully booked with returning Guests and new Bookings. I sersiously doubt next season will be any different from 2018 apart from the trout as they will be larger and more aggressive. So if your looking for some amazing fly fishing action book now and do not be disappointed. 



Pike on the Fly in Scotland

2018 has proven to be a massive success as regards fly fishing for Pike in scotland.

With over 300 Pike being caught by different methods this season already the prospects for next year are looking good.

We have Tagged and scaled various Pike of all sizes and weights to verify their growth and health with surprising results all round.

With the assistance of two other Guides in scotland, Stuart at Fish X and Callum at Scotia Fishing we have caught well over 220 Pike with some lovely weights being recorded. 

Some recaptures of Tagged fish that shows good handling and releasing techniques as well as increased weights of tagged fish! Some as much as 2.5lbs in 1 week.