The 2020 Trout season will hold a few surprises next year for a lucky few. We have been given access to some amazing waters both still and running that are sorrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery you could imagine.

The waters will be mainly Wild Brown Trout with the possibility of hooking into a Ferox Trout, Atlantic Salmon or even a Sea Trout. We have various new options available to get there such as Helicopter or Argo Cat. The helicopter option allows

you to see Scotland from the air and to get the chance to fly through these amazing rugged glens will ceratainly stay with you forever. We can stay overnight and camp beside our Helicopter enabling you to fly fish the epic evening rises 

and watch the sun go down in what only can be described as just amazing. Wild Brown Trout fishing in Scotland does not come any better than this.

The fishing, the Scenery, the Visual aspects and the flight to and from our locations are truely awe inspiring. the whole package and the oppertunity to book this adventure is available  to anyone that wants to

book a fly fishing trip in Scotland that they will never forget. 

Our Guides will even take Float Tubes for you so you can get to those hard to cast to spots. If you want to talk about a Guided fishing Heli Trip in Scotland just give us a call or email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2019 has seen its highs and lows. The highs have been well received by our Guests and the lows where due to weather and the abnormal amount of rain we received.

Salmon fishing had been hit hard this year with an annual rainfall that whas higher than expected meaning that our catch reports will only show 14 Atlantic Salmon for the year with 6 lost.

Sea Trout has also been hit hard with the high water levels but not as bad as the Salmon. Recorded Sea trout numbers where still low for the year with only 124 to the net.

The highs with the Salmon and Sea Trout are for those lucky few that caught them and managed to celebrate their first Atlantic Salmon in Scotland. 

The Trout had been a rather successful year with many achieving their personal best and the numbers where high at over 3000 caught for the year.

The best of the year so far would be the Pike as we have recorded already over 700 being caught at an average higher than i expected. Several at the 24Lb mark had been caught with lots of low 20's in the mix and well over 200 in the teens. 

Some guests managed to catch their first double figure Pike on the Float tube while others where just happy to catch the everyday Jacks that are very common.

The Perch showed slightly later this year but again we have done well with again over 500 caught on the fly with the biggest weighing at a staggering 4,5Lbs. This was an absolute Belter 

of a fish and i was happier than the Guest to see him land such a fish.

We are now well into the Pike season and i have to admit i am super excited to see what this season brings. My personal goal is to see a Guest catch a 30Lb on the fly from a Float Tube. 

Going by the weights that we have already achieved i do think there is a possiblity that this will happen.

We have a well stablished Trout and Pike syndicate that are working well and providing me with a good account of fish caught. The Pike Syndicate is currently at its limit with one or two Trout rods available.

To generate some winter revenue we have decided to allow the rental of boats at £50 per boat for those that would like to fly fish for Trout. Pike fishing will be purely kept for our Syndicate and Guests. 


I have often read about Sexism in the fly fishing world but had yet to experience this first hand.

In May I was unfortunate enough to experience this unpleasant side of the Fly fishing world with our Guide Jenny. 


Sexism I am sure comes in many forms and in many job types but I would say that it is an outdated misunderstanding by a very small minority of male fly fishers.

Our Guide Jen (A Female) has experienced this first hand by a few Male fly fishers.

Words such as " I have fly fished longer than you have been alive dear" in a tone that felt belittling and undermining to the female Guide.

"These flies are to small, they will not catch a fish"  "Your a young girl you should'nt be fishing" "Do you have any Male guides?" "I do not want to fish with a female Guide"

All these comments are from (self proclaimed experienced) Male fly fishers towards our Female Guide Jen. 

My own and personal thoughts are that there is no room for sexism in fishing. All sex's are welcome and the more Lady fishers there are better it would be. 

Fly fishing was never designed to be a male dominated sport yet some males still today think that there is no place on the water for the lady fly fisher especially a female Guide.

Some of the best fly fishers throughout the world are female and have devoted their lifes to the sport through Guiding on various rivers throughout the world.

I think the fly fishing world has to wake up and take this seriously promoting it to all sex's and generations. 

Being a Guide is no easy task at the best of times. Being a Female Guide in a male dominated sport has it challenges and I hope that one day sexism will cease to exist.



Scotland has some of the very best Predator Fishing available. Whether you are fly fishing or Lure fishing, Pike can prove to be that one aggressive fish that will push you 

to the very limits. Pike will test your equipment to the max, so careful preparation and planning is a must for these magnificent fish.

Fail to prepare - Prepare to fail is so true when fishing for Pike!

I wasn't a great lover of the Lure but over the years I have grown to appreciate the skill required and the amazing expense involved in making the dream of a large Pike hit your lure 

with the aggressive tendencies that only a Pike will fulfil.

There is no other Fish in Scottish waters that will keep up with the fight or the aggressive nature of that of the Pike.

We work along side other Guiding companies to make sure that our Guests have the best fishing possible so we can offer you Guided Pike Fishing throughout Scotland with great guys and girls that will make 

your dream a reality.

Whether you are Fly fishing, Lure fishing or Dead Baiting we will know the best places to fish and the best Guides to take you there.


The year has gone off to an excellent start with over 60 Trout landed amnd released to 3 rods fishing. All Trout caught on the fly with Janet from Canada catching 29 in 1 day.

The weather has been somewhat temperamental causing fish to drop and rise according to the weather conditions. Now that the water temperature is slowly climbing the fish are starting to feed on the surface,

Stone fly and Caddis have been seen with a few Trout feeding on them when the oppertunity arises.  Largest Trout so far this season has been about the 12 pound mark and the average about the 5 pound mark.

With over 180 Guided rods booked this year so far and its not even the start, we are expecting to have a rather busy fishing schedule ahead for 2019, so if you are looking to book a guided trip with us I would 

recommend that you book now as our Guided Fishing Trips are filling up rather fast.