Scotland has some of the very best Predator Fishing available. Whether you are fly fishing or Lure fishing, Pike can prove to be that one aggressive fish that will push you 

to the very limits. Pike will test your equipment to the max, so careful preparation and planning is a must for these magnificent fish.

Fail to prepare - Prepare to fail is so true when fishing for Pike!

I wasn't a great lover of the Lure but over the years I have grown to appreciate the skill required and the amazing expense involved in making the dream of a large Pike hit your lure 

with the aggressive tendencies that only a Pike will fulfil.

There is no other Fish in Scottish waters that will keep up with the fight or the aggressive nature of that of the Pike.

We work along side other Guiding companies to make sure that our Guests have the best fishing possible so we can offer you Guided Pike Fishing throughout Scotland with great guys and girls that will make 

your dream a reality.

Whether you are Fly fishing, Lure fishing or Dead Baiting we will know the best places to fish and the best Guides to take you there.


I have often read about Sexism in the fly fishing world but had yet to experience this first hand.

In May I was unfortunate enough to experience this unpleasant side of the Fly fishing world with our Guide Jenny. 


Sexism I am sure comes in many forms and in many job types but I would say that it is an outdated misunderstanding by a very small minority of male fly fishers.

Our Guide Jen (A Female) has experienced this first hand by a few Male fly fishers.

Words such as " I have fly fished longer than you have been alive dear" in a tone that felt belittling and undermining to the female Guide.

"These flies are to small, they will not catch a fish"  "Your a young girl you should'nt be fishing" "Do you have any Male guides?" "I do not want to fish with a female Guide"

All these comments are from (self proclaimed experienced) Male fly fishers towards our Female Guide Jen. 

My own and personal thoughts are that there is no room for sexism in fishing. All sex's are welcome and the more Lady fishers there are better it would be. 

Fly fishing was never designed to be a male dominated sport yet some males still today think that there is no place on the water for the lady fly fisher especially a female Guide.

Some of the best fly fishers throughout the world are female and have devoted their lifes to the sport through Guiding on various rivers throughout the world.

I think the fly fishing world has to wake up and take this seriously promoting it to all sex's and generations. 

Being a Guide is no easy task at the best of times. Being a Female Guide in a male dominated sport has it challenges and I hope that one day sexism will cease to exist.


2018 going into 2019 has to be the best on record yet with personal bests being recorded several times by individual fishers.

With high numbers being caught and released in the Autumn slowing down slightly in the Winter months but still having no blanks recorded.

All Pike where released unharmed and any injuries recorded so if caught again we could see if any improvement in condition. In general all pike where in 

excellent condition with 1 Pike with a broken jaw recorded. Any Pike that where tagged earlier in the year have put on lots of weight and are in perfect condition.

What we have noticed is that Pike are now becoming more popular among fly fishers as the thought of fly fishing poppers across the surface and watching an agressive 

Pike chse with mouth open and jumping on it is far more appealing than first expected. 

Teaching fishers that pike are not the Demon in the water as first portrayed is so important to us as still taoday in some waters across Ireland and the Uk Pike are still

being slauthered for no other reason than ignorance by the killer.

We at You Fish Scotland last year caught a young Jack Pike and kept it in a Large Fish tank in as close to Natural conditions as we could. Over a period of time we dropped in 

fresh young fish into the tank to try and film the feeding habits of the Pike. At first we put 1 fish in at a time and the response was just amazing. The speed and the way it kills it prey

is just amazing to watch. After a while we then put in several fish to see if the Pike would kill everything in a frenzie or eat everything. The Pike done neither, it lived along side the young

fish with ease. It would eat about 1 fish every week. The Growth of the Pike was amazing and after only two months we had to return the Pike to the water as it was out growing

the Tank. Pike are not the killer everyone believes and indeed are a very fragile fish. We have a very healthy water due to having Pike here and if you ever have the time i would highly recommend studying 

these magnificent fish. Next year we are going to do the same type of experiment but this time with a Brown Trout. I have a feeling that the Brownie will be far more aggressive then the Pike! 





The year has gone off to an excellent start with over 60 Trout landed amnd released to 3 rods fishing. All Trout caught on the fly with Janet from Canada catching 29 in 1 day.

The weather has been somewhat temperamental causing fish to drop and rise according to the weather conditions. Now that the water temperature is slowly climbing the fish are starting to feed on the surface,

Stone fly and Caddis have been seen with a few Trout feeding on them when the oppertunity arises.  Largest Trout so far this season has been about the 12 pound mark and the average about the 5 pound mark.

With over 180 Guided rods booked this year so far and its not even the start, we are expecting to have a rather busy fishing schedule ahead for 2019, so if you are looking to book a guided trip with us I would 

recommend that you book now as our Guided Fishing Trips are filling up rather fast.




With the ending of a great 2018 we are looking forward to an exciting 2019 fishing season.

The prospects are looking good with good numbers of fish spawning and great catch returns from Pike, the forecast is looking rather good.

We are really looking forward to fly fishing for Brown Trout on the dries again as it proved to be a large success especially on the evening Rise. Looking at our reports from 2018

we experienced an average of 7 pounds in weight per fish with the heavist fish weighing in at 28.3 and the smallest at about 3 ounces.

Fly fishing in Scotland can certainly have it's challneges with 4 seasons in 1 day but the rewards certainly outway all challeneges put in our way.

The one thing we did notice last season was that when it was windy and the water was hard to read, we always caught the larger fish. This would most definitely prove that 

these large shy fish will come out and feed when the water is stirred up with the wind and turbulent water hidding any mistakes by the fisher.

So in general do not be put off by high winds and bad weather as these can often produce great fishing conditions.