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Frequently Asked Questions

We at You Fish Scotland want to make your initial contact through to the actual activity day as easy as possible. The first thing you should know is not to be afraid to ask us questions as we are here to help.  To make your booking easy with us just have a read below and this should answer all your fishing-related questions.

Q. What do I Bring?
A. Just yourself, we have everything you will need.

Q. Do I need to buy a license or Permit?
A. No. We do everything for you

Q. What if the weather is bad, do we cancel?
A. No, we have an abundance of water available to us and we have had to cancel one trip in 13 years.

Q. Will I catch fish?
A. How long is a piece of string? Every fisherman/woman should catch fish, however, we have had days where we the guide would easily catch fish and the guest was struggling, this will be for one of two reasons, 1. You are striking too early, 2. Making far too much noise on the water. If you follow our guide’s instructions or take his advice your catch rate will go up. This is as frustrating for our Guides as it is for the fishers.

Q. Can I bring my gear and waders etc?
A. Yes, you can but please make sure they are disinfected before bringing them over to stop any transfer of diseases.

Q. If I want to bring my partner along do I have to pay for her or him?
A. No, no fees they are not fishing, however, if they wish to fish then there will be a fee.

Q. Can you pick us up from our Hotel?
A. Yes, we charge an additional £50 for transfers to and from.

Q. Where are you based?
A. We operate in and out of Inverness but have access to qualified guides in Edinburgh and Banchory, so we can cover the whole of Scotland but with other recommended guide companies.

Q. Can you arrange something to do for our non-fishing partner?
A. Yes, we can do this for you.

Q. What accommodation would you recommend?
A. We have a list of excellent accommodations that we highly recommend, this covers Aviemore, Inverness, and the surrounding areas. Booking accommodation can be hard if you do not book early as Inverness is a prime location for tourism and rooms fill up quickly.

Q. What are your ports of entry to Inverness Airport?
A.  Amsterdam, Dublin, London Gatwick and London Heathrow. You can clear customs at all these points of entry

Q. Tips, how much do I give the guide?
A.  The average is about £50 upwards

Q. Do you provide lunch?
A. If you do not ask for it we will not give it. We advise that you get it the evening before from a local shop or we can stop off en route to get something.

Q. Do you offer half and full days?
A. Yes, we offer both

Q. How do I Book?
A. You can either book online and I will receive a notification with all details on the booking form. Or contact us directly and we will do this for you.
Please be aware that the booking is not confirmed until it is paid for.

Q. Communication?
A. Simply download WhatsApp on your phone, this way we can stay in touch before your fishing stays, something might go wrong on your end and we can always adapt it to suit you. We will send you directions either by Google Maps or the App What3words. If we are picking you up we can then be notified of your location etc.

Q. Where can we eat at night?
A. You have to book early here as we are top-heavy on tourism so all restaurants will be busy

Q. Can I adjust my times for fishing?

A. We want you to have the best fishing possible in Scotland, we will give you a call to talk you through the best times for fishing. It could be very early in the morning as if the weather is too hot to fish through the day we will fish early mornings or late evenings. My advice is take our advice and we will do everything possible to ensure that you have the very best fishing available in Scotland.

Meet Our Guides


Wes has been a full-time professional fishing guide for 12 years covering both fresh and saltwater species.

His passion for fishing was ingrained into him as a young boy fishing in his hometown of Castlerock in Northern Ireland, Since then he has had a nomadic lifestyle traveling around the world fly fishing in just about every continent apart from one.

His passion for flyfishing can be easily displayed when out guiding as his determination for getting his guests that first fish is what drives him forward. His reward for his efforts is very simple, it is all about the smile of the guest then the release of the prized catch.

Wes promotes catch and release with a high emphasis on fish welfare and the safe handling of these magnificent creatures.


Jen started to work within the business at the age of 14 and started guiding at the age of 18.
She has been guiding full-time now for 3 years and has just recently started to work on her SGAIC course (Scottish Game Angling Instructor Course)

Jen is loved by all her past guests and is highly recommended by these to others making her very popular.

Jen has just started her own baking business (baked by Jen) and only guides on her days of.f
She has traveled to America to get experience in Texas fly fishing for Reds, Drums, Sheepshead, Bass, and Blue Gill. Covid -19 stopped her from continuing this trend for the last two years and she is determined to get back.

Her love of fly fishing is all about the guests and her casting skills have impressed those that were taken back as her guests didn’t expect a young girl to be able to fly fish the way she does. She is also a mean cook and has provided our guests with some outstanding meals.


Roz is an integral part of business as she runs everything behind the scenes, the things you do not see such as Admin, Banking, and all the Accountancy materials required just to keep us legal.

Roz is the backbone of the business as she supports Jen and me with everything we do. She is often spending hours preparing food for hampers in the early hours of the morning as we have several guided trips going out every day.

Roz is an accomplished Pianist and Vilionist and writes her own music, her love of music both live and recorded is there for all to see. Roz can fly fish if required but would rather be on the hospitality side of the business as she enjoys the chit chat and making sure our guests are happy.

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