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The start of the Atlantic Salmon fishing season had its difficulties with travel restrictions, weather, and the severe loss of international fly fishers. 

The weather never really improved for most rivers and the lack of rain and constant high temperatures proved to be hard not only on the fishers but also on the Atlantic Salmon.

When the rain did come, it lasted two days at the best and caused unfishable high colored waters, so again, no great help for both fisher and fish. I think climate change is 

showing itself and giving us all a warning that we should take notice of.

Certain rivers have done better than others, with some producing high Salmon numbers and others very low compared to previous years. I have been lucky enough to have been invited to fish some amazing rivers with great Ghillies giving the very best of their knowledge and covered Salmon with every cast but they would not take it at all. So this season has been somewhat a bit of hit and miss depending on where you were actually fishing.

However, it wasn’t all dome and glome as some of Atlantic Salmon guests have achieved the ultimate catch on the fly. Every single person who caught a Salmon this year with us was female and it was their first-ever fish of any species on the fly. They just arrived on the river and with some tuition and guidance from our guides, they had a fish on in less than an hour. I have always said that Females make better fishers than males but when it comes to Salmon there is definitely something about the lady fly fishers that attract the Cock Salmon.  

It is the best part of the day when you see one of your guests holding on to a 14ft Loop Salmon rod and talking them through the doe’s and don’ts when they get over-excited, you tend to hold your breath while they fight the fish and breath again when you have it netted. 

It is a truly awe-inspiring moment when you see some land their very first Salmon.

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